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    Welcome to Oventrop

    Oventrop is one of the leading European
    manufacturers of valves, controls and systems
    for the Building Services Industry.
    Our products combine many sectors of the domestic
    and building technology in one energy-saving
    and ecological system.
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    Potable water hygiene

    Oventrop offers comprehensive and high quality
    systems for hygienic potable water.
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    Energy saving up to 20 %

    Oventrop products and systems allow the creation of energy-efficient
    heating systems with a good benefit/cost ratio.
    Up to 20 % energy may, for instance, be saved
    by combining Oventrop thermostatic radiator valves,
    balancing valves and hydronic balancing.
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    Comfortable indoor climate

    The indoor climate is influenced by temperature, air humidity and
    the CO2 content. If these three factors are well-balanced, the indoor
    climate will have a positive effect on our health and efficiency.
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    Award winning design

    Oventrop valves and controls assume a leading role
    regarding design and innovation.
    Construction and design are developed within the company.
    Furthermore, Oventrop cooperates with leading external designers.

Oventrop presents its new company logo
Together with innovation and quality, "design" is part of the company┬┤s philosophy which is now also reflected in an new logo.

ErP Label for heating systems
The ErP Directive (Energy related Products) for space heaters, combination heaters, water heaters and water storage tanks became mandatory on 26.09.2015. It describes the ecodesign and labelling requirements of energy efficient products. Further information regarding the label for heating systems can be found here.
Hydronic balancing

Hydronic balancing is paramount for the energy efficient operation and comfort of heating and cooling systems. Oventrop offers a wide range of radiator valves and balancing valves (automatic or manual).


In the partner area myOV you can find additional information and software tailored to the requirements of your sector.