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Precision balancing with the
Hydrocontrol VTR

Achieve precision balancing for hydronic systems with the Hydrocontrol VTR. With bronze construction, this calibrated balancing valve allows for precise flow measurement with a multi-turn hand wheel, which has an integrated hidden memory stop, enabling the valve to be shut off without losing the balance position.

Calibrated cast-iron
Hydrocontrol VFC/VGC

Our pioneering cast-iron calibrated balancing valves, the Hydrocontrol VFC/VGC use a multi-turn hand wheel to provide precise flow measurement. Achieve precision balancing of hydronic systems while allowing for the fine adjustment of the flow setting. Plus, these valves can be shut off without losing their balance position and can be locked in place to prevent tampering.
Hydrocontrol VFC/VGC

Remains balanced under pressure
Cocon Q valves

Our Cocon Q pressure independent control valve is the solution for automatic hydronic balancing of heat exchangers such as Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Chilled Beams and Chilled Ceilings. Your flow setting range is field adjustable in GPM and the flow setting dial is easily visible, even with the actuator in place.

Hydronically balanced
Heating system

If you are looking for an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and hydronically balanced heating system, check out our selection of Thermostatic Radiator Valves. From our AQ valves for hot water and S valves for steam systems to our AQ pressure independent thermostatic valves, adjustable from 0.05 to 0.75 gpm flow rate, Oventrop offers a full line of TRVs, operators, and inserts.
Cocon QTZ

New products & solutions

Less Connections. Less Components. More Savings.       The Flypass Multifunctional Set

Oventrop Flypass Connection Sets offer less components, less connections, and less leakage risk, saving you time and money. Intended to replace the standard coil kit, this set is delivered preassembled, and function and pressure tested.

Perfectly controlled:
Our modular products and systems