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Cocon Q Valves with flanges

Pressure independent control valve for dynamic hydronic balancing of heat exchangers, for example air conditioning units and distribution pipes in heating and cooling systems with closed circuits. The valve combination consists of an automatically operating flow controller and a control valve and can be equipped with an actuator.
Two-way valve, with secured, lead sealable, infinitely adjustable flow limitation. Direct setting in GPM. Readability of the set value independent of the handwheel position.
Valve body made of cast iron or nodular cast iron, wetted parts made of cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze, dezincification resistant brass, stainless steel, EPDM or PTFE. Maintenance-free spindle sealing. Supplied with two Classic measuring valves.
Cocon QFC and QGC are characterized by easy adjustability, compact dimensions and best control quality.