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HydroControl MFC Double regulating valve with flanges according to EN 1092-2 PN 16
with fixed orifice metering station, DN 250, with two mounted Classic measuring valves, cast iron

For hydronic balancing of distribution pipes in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits. The integrated metering station enables easy balancing. 
Y-pattern valve with secured, at any time controllable, infinitely adjustable fine presetting. All functions accessible from the top. Supplied with two Classic measuring valves. Maintenance-free spindle sealing. 
Valve body and all parts coming into contact with the medium made of bronze, cast iron, dezincification resistant brass, PTFE, EPDM or stainless steel.
  • Main function: Double regulating valve with metering station
  • Medium: Water, Water-glycol mixture
  • Nominal size: DN 250
  • Connections: Flange EN 1092-2
  • kvs: 1090
  • Operating temperature: -10 - 150 °C
  • Pressure rating: PN 16
  • Pressure rating flange: PN 16
  • Presetting: Yes
  • Reproducible presetting: Yes
  • Presetting blockable: No
  • Presetting indicator: Yes
  • Shutoff: Yes
  • Measuring connection: Yes
  • Measuring valve: Classic
  • Measuring method: Flow rate determination by differential pressure measurement
  • Draining: Extendable (only depressurised)
  • Impulse tube connection: Extendable (only depressurised)
  • Body material: Cast iron
  • Type: Y-pattern
  • Installation location: Supply or return
  • Thermal insulation shell: No
Art.-Nr.: 1065857
EAN: 4026755390582
Hersteller: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
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ETIM 7.0 EC011463
Regulating valve
Property Value
Surface protection Coated
Connection 1 Flange
Connection 2 Flange
Type of control gear Static
Material quality Cast iron GG 25 (GJL-250)
With thermometer
Manual operation
Diameter handwheel 300 mm
Article compression class PN 16
Max. medium temperature (continuous) 150 °C
KIWA certified
Min. medium temperature (continuous) -10 °C
With drain
With extended measuring nipples
Flange compression class PN 16
Spindle angle 60 °
With measuring connector
With impulse pipe connection
Suitable for hot tap water
Suitable for tap water
Suitable for central heating water
With connection 1 coupling
With connection 2 coupling
Height operating element 480 mm
Housing material Cast iron
Kvs value 1090
With position indicator
With measuring nipples
Nominal inner diameter DN 250