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Thermostat with remote control "Uni FHZ"
with connecting cable 1 m, capillary 2 m long

Thermostat "Uni FHZ"

In combination with the control unit DDC "CR-BS", the thermostat "Uni FHZ" allows for a timed temperature setback with the help of an integrated electrically heated liquid sensor. The operation is identical with that of a standard thermostat. If the thermostat is engergized with a voltage of 24 V, it switches to temperature setback.The thermostat "Uni FHZ" can be activated via the control unit DDC  "CR-BS" and the room modules via LAN networks or the Internet.

Without '0' setting
Temperature range 7 - 28 °C
Graduation on cap * 1-4
Operating current 24 V
Temperature setback about 7 K
Connecting cable 1 m
Art.No.: 1152265
EAN: 4026755364019
Výrobce: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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130 mm 103 mm 64 mm 0,27 kg

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Lepenková krabice 1 131 mm 104 mm 65 mm 0,33 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC010064
Radiator thermostat button
Property Value
Colour White
Model Straight
RAL-number 9016
Adjustment range 7 - 28
Remote operation
Vandal proof
Programme clock
Adjustment element Liquid-filled
Remote sensor
Frost protected
Mechanically sealable at zero position
Connection to radiator stop valve M30 x 1.5
Blocking/limiting adjustment range
Length of remote capillary control element 1 m
Length of remote sensor 63 mm
Suitable for valve compact radiator
With anti-theft security