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Connection set for towel radiators

Connection set "Multiblock T"/"pinox H" for towel radiators
Straight pattern, white

for use on radiators with supply and return pipe connection. Distance between pipe centres 50 mm.
Radiators with Rp ½ female thread

Consisting of:
"Multiblock T", two pipe fitting with presetting
Design cover
"pinox H" Thermostat with liquid sensor

To be used: as thermostatic valve for two pipe operation, as isolating fitting, for draining and filling.

"pinox H":
Without '0' setting
Temperature range: 7-28 °C
Graduation on cap: 0 ☼ 1-5
to be discontinued
Art.No.: 1184185
EAN: 4026755422641
Výrobce: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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Délka Šířka Výška Hmotnost
137 mm 137 mm 98 mm 1 kg

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Typ Množství Délka Šířka Výška Hmotnost
Lepenková krabice 1 142 mm 141 mm 103 mm 1,09 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC011296
Radiator connection combination for decor radiator
Property Value
Colour White
RAL-number 9010
Type H support block
Connection direction, pipes Towards floor
Suitable for single pipe system
Suitable for two pipe system
Centre-to-centre distance 50 mm
Control element H, support block right
Control element H, support block left
Size of pipe connection 3/4 inch Euro conus
Suitable for filling/drain tap
Size of radiator connection 1/2 inch
Radiator valve preset
With thermostat button
With design cover