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Insulating fitting
10 x 10 mm, cutting ring compression fittings on both sides

In addition to anti-siphon valves, other fittings can be used in the oil pipe.
Shutoff valves interrupt the oil supply to the burner and change-over valves can be used to switch between them if there is more than one oil tank.
Backflow preventers stop the backflow of oil and the pressure compensation device can absorb expanding oil and limit the pressure rise.
In cathodically protected underground tanks, insulating fittings prevent unwanted galvanic currents in the oil pipe.
No longer produced
Art.No.: 2080853
EAN: 4026755149692
Výrobce: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


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Délka Šířka Výška Hmotnost
88 mm 28 mm 28 mm 0,12 kg

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Typ Množství Délka Šířka Výška Hmotnost
Lepenková krabice 1 88 mm 28 mm 28 mm 0,12 kg
Lepenková krabice 10 150 mm 100 mm 75 mm 1,24 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC010808
Hydraulic cutting ring fitting with 2 connections
Property Value
Shape Straight coupling
Surface protection Galvanic/electrolytic zinc plated
Connection 1 Cutting ring coupling
Connection 2 Cutting ring coupling
Material quality Other
Material Steel
Article compression class Other
Outer pipe diameter connection 1 10 mm
Outer pipe diameter connection 2 10 mm