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Pipeline valves and components for oil heating technology

Oilstop Anti-siphon valves

Oilstop siphon protection valves or anti-siphon valves and solenoid valves are used as safety devices in oil pipes according to DIN 4755 to prevent the contents of the tank from leaking.

Siphon protection valves must be installed in the suction line above the maximum permissible tank level before it reaches a lower level.
Both valves have a general type approval (AbZ) and are pressure-balanced in the direction of the tank.

Pipeline valves

In addition to anti-siphon valves, other fittings can be used in the oil pipe.
Shutoff valves interrupt the oil supply to the burner and change-over valves can be used to switch between them if there is more than one oil tank.
Backflow preventers stop the backflow of oil and the pressure compensation device can absorb expanding oil and limit the pressure rise.
In cathodically protected underground tanks, insulating fittings prevent unwanted galvanic currents in the oil pipe.

Ofix-Oil Compression fittings

Compression fittings for Oilpur heating oil filters, Flexo-Bloc tank extraction devices, diaphragm anti-siphon valve, Toc-Duo heating oil filter/heating oil deaerator combination and pressure compensation devices.

These compression fittings are only suitable for Oventrop oil fittings with G 3/8 internal thread with clamping ring contour. For oil firing systems according to DIN 4755, support sleeves must be used when installing with copper pipe.

Ofix-Oil Cutting ring compression fittings

Ocel, pozinkovaná
Mosazný řezný kroužek
Řada L, DIN 2353

U systémů na spalování oleje podle DIN 4755 je při instalaci s měděnými trubkami nutné použít opěrné objímky.
Kovové šroubení se zářezným kroužkem je také odolné vůči bio topným olejům.

Teplotní rozsah: -20°C až +120°C. Rozsah tlaku: PN 100, do Ø 15 PN 160.

Ofix-Oil Double threaded fittings

The double threaded fittings are also resistant to bio heating oils.

Hose lines according to DIN EN ISO 6806

Up to a max. of 70 °C, the hose lines are also suitable for heating oil with “alternative additives” or a bio proportion of up to 20 % according to DIN SPEC 51603-6.

For higher bio proportions or temperatures up to 100 °C, burner hoses with a diffusion-tight inner layer should be used, for example.

Hose lines with galvanised wire braiding PN 10.  Flexible hose lines as connection between a solid pipeline (e.g. from the filter) and the burner or feeder unit.