Heating oil deaeartor "Toc-Uno-B"
G ¼ F x G ⅜ M, deaerator cap made of metal, including flexible hose

OVENTROP-Heating oil deaerator "Toc-Uno-B" with wall bracket and isolating valve

Max. nozzle capacity: 110 l/h EL type of heating oil Max. flow of returned heating oil: 120 l/h EL type of heating oil Min. deaeration capacity: 6 l/h air

Tank side: G ¼ female thread with flexible hose for connection to heating oil filter G ¼ male thread x G ⅜ collar nut, 300 mm Burner side: G ⅜ male thread with inner taper for burner hoses with G ⅜ collar nut


Heating oil installations according to DIN 4755 for EL type of heating oil, EL A Bio type of heating oil according to DIN SPEC 51603-1 with a bio proportion up to 100%, FAME as well as various thin vegetable oils.

Temperature range: -10°C up to a maximum of +80 °C (recommendation according to DIN 4755: 0 °C up to 40 °C)

For use in one pipe systems with return flow feed. For suction systems only. Body of deaerator and deaerator cap made of metal with bracket for wall installation.

Installation is possible below and above the oil level.

Item no.: 2152951
EAN: 4026755356182
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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