Double regulating and commissioning valve "Aquastom C" for circulation pipes
with water sampling valve, insulation and thermometer, both ports male thread, DN 25

OVENTROP-“Aquastrom C” Balancing valve for potable wate installations.

Additionnally equipped with flame resistant water sampling valve (bronze/stainless steel) for tests according to DVGW 551 TrinwV (decree for potable water),

Oblique pattern model, with secured, infinitely adjustable fine presetting controllable at any time; with thermometer for temperature montitoring, optical display of the presetting depending on the position of the handwheel, Valve body and bonnet made of bronze, disc and stem made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR), disc with PTFE seal, maintenance-free stem seal due to double O-ring, all functioning components on one level. Alternative use in hot water central heating systems and cooling systems.

DVGW, SVGW, KIWA, ACS, VA and WaterMark certified.

Both ports male thread according to DIN ISO 228.

Material: Bronze
Surface: unplated

Size: DN 25

max. operating pressure: 16 bar
max. operating temperature: 90 °C

Item no.: 4207508
EAN: 4026755314113
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
Dimensions of article
Length Width Height Weight
220 mm 159 mm 100 mm 1,36 kg
Packing units
Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 243 mm 197 mm 175 mm 1,59 kg

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Manufacturer declaration
“Aquastrom T plus” for circulation pipes with thermal disinfection
A: Potable water cold
B: Potable water hot
C: Potable water circulation pipe
D: System with storey branches
E: Total circulation without storey branches
F: Furthest point of network
ETIM 7.0 EC011463
Regulating valve
Property Value
Surface protection Untreated
Type of control gear Static
Material quality Bronze (Rg 5)
With thermometer
Manual operation
Diameter handwheel 70 mm
Article compression class PN 16
Max. medium temperature (continuous) 90 °C
KIWA certified
Min. medium temperature (continuous) -20 °C
With drain
With extended measuring nipples
Flange compression class PN 16
Spindle angle 45 °
With measuring connector
With impulse pipe connection
Suitable for hot tap water
Suitable for tap water
Suitable for central heating water
With connection 1 coupling
With connection 2 coupling
Height operating element 116 mm
Housing material Bronze
With position indicator
With measuring nipples
Nominal inner diameter DN 25