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Regucor WH Energy storage centre
type 800, copper brazed stainless steel heat exchanger

Energy storage centre "Regucor WH"

Modular system for the supply of detached and semi-detached houses with heat and hot water. Storage cylinder and add-on groups coordinated functionally and thermodynamically. With integrated piping and plug-in cabling. By subsequent installation of the solar station "Regusol L-130" (item no. 1383480) and the electronic controller "Regtronic RS" (item no. 1383485), the station can be upgraded to a "Regucor WHS". For combination with classic (e.g. gas/oil) and regenerative heat generators (e.g. heat pump/ solid fuel) in existing and new buildings.

Consisting of:

Solar buffer storage cylinder: System storage cylinder type 800, nominal content 770 litres Total height (without insulation): 1775 mm Diameter (without insulation): 790 mm Max. pivot height (without insulation): 1810 mm Connections: 8 x G 1½ female thread Max. operating pressure ps: 3 bar (coil 10 bar) Operating temperature ts: 95 °C (coil 110 °C) With removable 140 mm fleece insulation and integrated temperature layer unit. Connections and fixing positions coordinated with "Regucor WHS" storage cylinder add-on groups.

Add-on group fresh water: "Regumaq XH" DN 20 Hydraulically controlled heat exchanger system for the hygienic heating of potable water on the flow principle. Recommended discharge capacity: 15-20 l/min., depending on the set potable water temperature and the existing buffer water temperature. Connections G ¾ male thread flat sealing, with high-efficiency pump Wilo-Yonos PARA RS 15-7 PWM2, temperature controller 40 °C - 70 °C, copper brazed stainless steel heat exchanger.

Add-on group heating circuit: "Regumat M3-130" DN 20 For weather guided flow temperature control. Connections G 1 male thread, flat sealing. High-efficiency pump Wilo-Stratos PICO 15/1-6, with three-way mixing valve and actuator.
to be discontinued
Art.No.: 1383460
EAN: 4026755400571
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Extension heating circuit "Regucor WHS" Regumat M3-130 DN 20, for item no. 138 35 50/55/62/67
Item no. 1383575
Potable water circulation set Regumaq XH with circulation pump
Item no. 1381047
Extension set zone loading "Regucor"
Item no. 1383583
Connection set potable water circulation for "Regucor WHS/WH"
Item no. 1383584
Solar Diaphragm expansion tank Nominal volume 18 l
Item no. 1361421
Solar Diaphragm expansion tank Nominal volume 25 l
Item no. 1361422
Solar Diaphragm expansion tank Nominal volume 33 l
Item no. 1361423
Solar valve with lead sealable cap "Expa Con" DN 20, Rp ¾ F x G ¾ M
Item no. 1364185
Temperature sensor "Sensor LW TH" PT 1000 for storage cylinder, up to 180°C
Item no. 1369093
Temperature sensor "Sensor LW TH" PT 1000 for collector, up to 180 °C
Item no. 1369094
Safety group Solar for riser installation with safety valve 6 bar
Item no. 1364248
Safety temperature monitor Sensor LW TH with hidden temperature setting
Item no. 1143000
Potable water circulation set Regumaq XH without circulation pump
Item no. 1381049
Extension set "Regucor WH" Regusol L-130, DN 20
Item no. 1383480
Extension set "Regucor WH" Regtronic RS system controller
Item no. 1383485
Connection set for energy storage centre "Regucor "WH/WHS"
Item no. 1383580
Extension for electrical immersion heater for passing the immersion heater through the insulation
Item no. 1383592
Extension for connection pipe for storage cylinder loading for passing the loading nipple through the insulation
Item no. 1383593
Controlled immersion heater
Item no. 1383594


Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
1130 mm 1080 mm 1880 mm 222,5 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Carton 1 1600 mm 1200 mm 2110 mm 247,5 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC011393
Boiler, indirectly fired, with control system
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