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Hygienic potable water?
Reliable control.

Our Regumaq X fresh water stations prepare hot potable water at the precise moment it is needed. The continuous flow principle maximises hygiene, since hot potable water that is prepared ahead of time is at severe risk of microbial contamination, for instance with dangerous legionella.
Regumaq fresh water stations are available in three variants with differing capacities. In other words, we offer a suitable solution for any situation, from detached houses to multipleoccupancy dwellings and non-residential buildings. When planning potable water distribution systems and hygiene in a wider context, our modular Aquanova system is the ideal solution: it allows for full and reliable integration of the Regumaq fresh water stations.
You can individually align the discharge capacities and required excess temperatures with the system parameters. Thanks to this, Regumaq fresh water stations are the solution of choice for low-temperature systems and regenerative energy concepts. To meet specific requirements or changes in user behaviour, stations can be installed in parallel to boost the discharge capacity to up to 500 litres per minute.

Regumaq X-25: For detached houses

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Compact and powerful
  • System parameters set via DIP switches
  • Suitable for low-temperature systems
  • Rapid-response control technology thanks to turbine sensor and LIN pump technology
  • Easy one-person installation
Regumaq X-25 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X-45: For multiple-occupancy dwellings

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Powerful and versatile
  • Intuitive glass touch display with user or expert mode for qualified installers
  • Numerous additional functions, e.g., return layering or reheating
  • Suitable for low-temperature systems
  • Precise control technology thanks to turbine sensor and LIN pump technology (parallel connection possible)
Regumaq X-45 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X-80: For multiple-occupancy dwellings and non-residential buildings

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Especially powerful
  • System parameter setting via electronic controller "Regtronic RQ"
  • Connectable to data logger "Datalog CS-BS" for networking, visualisation and remote access
  • Access to and data download from controller via web interface, also for data transmission to a centralised building control system (CBC)
Regumaq X-80 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X stations
as part of the Aquanova System

Growing demands? Modular control.
Aquanova-System von Oventrop

At Oventrop, we were quick to recognise that the issue of potable water hygiene is as complex as it is sensitive. We have spent the last few years developing a series of modular products that are capable of meeting increasingly stringent expectations regarding potable water hygiene.

Our Aquanova system is a pioneering solution that enables you to deliver hygienic potable water in a holistic, flexible and reliable manner.

Regtronic KM-TCP

Potable water combined with building automation?
Smart controls.

The Regtronic KM TCP allows you to link our freshwater stations with your building automation system, ensuring reliable operation and water hygiene in one. The Regtronic KM TCP controls thermal disinfection, for example, adjusts values and sends error messages.