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Inversion fittings

Inversion fittings are connection fittings that are designed for reversed flow and return at radiators with integrated valve set. They ensure a correct flow against the valve insert by exchanging the supply and return flow crosswise. 

The fittings are soft sealing to the radiator. Depending on the version, the connection to the radiator is either with G 3/4 union nut and insert to radiators with G 3/4 external thread (Eurocone) or with G 3/4 union nut and screw-in connection piece to radiators with G 1/2 internal thread.

All inversion fittings feature a shutoff function. They are available in straight and angle versions and are made of nickel plated brass. The centre distance is 50 mm. Item no. 1016372 has a reduced centre distance to the pipe network (40 mm).