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“Best of SHK Award 2018” for the radiator thermostat “pinox”

Oventrop was ranked third in the category “heating” with the award-winning “pinox” in the readers’ poll “Best of SHK Award 2018” of the “Si” trade journal.

After a previous nomination, Oventrop competed in the readers’ poll of the “Si” – the trade journal for SHK entrepreneurs – with the “pinox” thermostat in the product category “heating” in January 2018. Experts of the SHK specialist trade voted the “pinox” into third place from 24 applications. The criteria of the readers’ poll were “efficiency, technical innovation and extraordinary design”.
The “pinox” radiator thermostat is used for room temperature control. The lever facilitates an easy and precise temperature setting. The design of the thermostat was inspired by the design of modern bathroom and wash basin fittings.

The competition was organized by the “Si” trade journal for the eighth time. The award ceremony took place on the occasion of the “SHK” trade fair 2018 in Essen. “The Best of SHK awards are an important benchmark for the quality of product developments and marketing actions” summed up Alexander Holzmann, editor of the trade journal, after the Si award ceremony.

published at: 25.03.2018

“Best of SHK Award 2018” for the ”pinox” thermostat