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Design of dwelling stations “Regudis W-HTE” with the help of the software “OVplan"

The new electronic dwelling stations can now be designed with the help of the Oventrop software “OVplan” which also allows for a simplified heat load calculation, radiator design and pipework calculation.
The electronic Oventrop dwelling stations “Regudis W-HTE” can be designed quickly and easily with the help of the “OVplan” version 5.0.9. The pipework can be drawn up and calculated in the form of a pipe scheme. Not only pipe dimensioning is carried out by “OVplan”, but the pump head and volume flow for the pump as well as the size of the storage cylinder and the capacity of the heat generator are also determined. Apart from the pipework calculation, the software provides the possibility of a simplified heat load calculation according to DIN EN 12381 and a radiator design with DIN radiators. The heating system can be optimised quickly and easily by carrying out hydronic balancing.
The dwelling station “Regudis W-HTE” constitutes a development of the successful stations “Regudis W-HTU” and Regudis W-HTF”. One of the advantages is the use of the “Regudis W-HTE” in low temperature systems, for instance in combination with heat pumps.

The software is available for free download. If “OVplan” has already been installed, an automatic update will appear.

published at: 16.10.2018

User surface of the “OVplan” software User surface of the “OVplan” software