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Oventrop at “ISH 2019“

Messe Frankfurt invites you to the international SHK industry event

When ISH 2019 from March 11 to 15, 2019 in Frankfurt/Main opens its doors, Oventrop appears in a new design in hall 9.1 stand A 06.

Arranged in six expertise areas, the company presents itself with a new stand architecture. A spaciously designed communication area
invites visitors to expert discussions and exchange of information on products, innovations and services.

Key topics:

  •  Potable water hygiene “Aquanova-System“
  •  Intelligent building technology
  •  OV Academy
  •  BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The Oventrop potable water technology “Aquanova-System“ covers a wide selection of products and services for the potable water hygiene.
The system now also includes the compact station “Regumaq X-45“ for hygienic hot potable water preparation according to the continuous flow principle. Apart from the familiar advantages of the “Regumaq” stations, the new product assembly is additionally equipped with a digital touch display which can be operated intuitively and which serves to set extensive functions. Optionally, the station is available with the fully sealed Sealix ® heat exchanger.

The electronic dwelling station “Regudis W-HTE“ which also is part of the “Aquanova-Systems“ defines new standards in the area of the energy-efficient heat supply of dwellings and the potable water hygiene. It is especially suitable for low temperature systems, for example in connection with heat pumps and other modern heat generators. Moreover, the “Regudis W-HTE“ helps to improve the
hygienic operation. A hot potable water reserve is not required – the water is heated “just-in-time“.

In the area of the intelligent building technology, Oventrop extends its programme by the digital wireless thermostats “mote 200“ and wireless actuators “mote 420“. These products have a self-learning function for adaption to the user behaviour. Additionally, programmable time profiles can be set via the Oventrop App and a remote control is possible via a bluetooth connection from the mobile phone.

The new OV Academy completes the range of trainings and seminars. In addition to the classic specialist seminars on the topic „Optimisation of heating, cooling and potable water systems“, webinars and online courses will also be conducted in the future.
If the schedule does not offer enough flexibility to take part in local seminars, those who are interested can acquire expertise by immersing into a virtual classroom with the smart phone, laptop, tablet or computer at the office or whilst travelling.

BIM (Building Information Modeling):
As a future-oriented family-owned company Oventrop considers itself as a partner for the building technology. Oventrop products and systems are sustainable, meet high quality standards and support the “BIM phases“ during the complete lifetime of a building. BIM data in different formats, such as Revit and VDI3805 format, are available for this purpose.
Extensive software programmes (e. g. OVplan, ZVplan) for designs and tenders for the house and building technology complete the offer.

The company kindly invites all visitors to obtain information on Oventrop products, digitisation, systems and services at the exhibition booth.

published at: 06.03.2019

Oventrop at "ISH 2019" Oventrop at "ISH 2019"

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