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Awarded for innovation: "Regudis W-HTE" wins "German Innovation Award 2019"

The electronic dwelling station “Regudis W-HTE“ was elected the winner on the occasion of the design competition “German Innovation Award 2019“. The “German Innovation Award 2019“ awards products with true user value.
Oventrop impressed the expert jury with the “Regudis W-HTE“ in the category “Excellence in Business to Consumer - Heating & Bathroom“. The assessment was based on the criteria "user benefit, innovation strategy, long lifetime, quality, technological progress and sustainability“ (amongst others).
The dwelling station was especially designed with regard to the requirements of engineers, house-building associations and investors for multiple occupancy dwellings.

The requirements on dwelling stations are very high:
On the one hand, a sharp increase in low temperature sytems is registered, and on the other hand, high potable water standards have to be observed to avoid potential health risks (e. g. legionella).

The “Regudis W-HTE“ station sets new standards on the market. It offers a fast and precise temperature control and contributes to a hygienic operation. Moreover, it is characterized by an optimum suitability for low temperature systems (e. g. in combination with a heat pump), high heat transfer performance, low pressure losses and a compact construction. A comprehensive range of accessories of modular construction belongs to the station which can be assembled for individual application scenarios.

The “German Innovation Award“ was initiated by the German Design Council.
Only products can participate in this competition which were selected in a preceding, demanding nomination process by a committee of experts. The competition was conducted in 2018 for the first time.

published at: 06.06.2019

"German Innovation Award 2019" für "Regudis W-HTE" dwelling station