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OVplan 5.1.0 – System calculation made easy

With our free OVplan design software, you can quickly and reliably calculate the hydronic balancing of pipe networks (heating, cooling, potable water) and surface heating systems. Our dwelling station Regudis W to support potable water hygiene can also be designed.
The software update of our well-known design software OVplan enables an even more user-friendly and reliable project processing. The simple input of data was the primary goal in the further development.

With the simplified heat load procedure according to DIN EN 12831 and a radiator design based on DIN radiator data, you can calculate the radiator volume flows. The pipework calculation for hydronic balancing is carried out by creating a pipe scheme using a graphical input interface.

The following data for hydronic balancing are calculated and displayed:

  • Valve presetting values of thermostatic valves, differential pressure regulators, flow regulators and double regulating and commissioning valves
  • Pipe dimensions
  • Radiator size with flow and return temperature and volume flow
  • Pump head
  • Performance of the heat and cooling generator
  • Simplified heat load calculation
  • Buffer storage cylinder size when designing dwelling stations
  • Circuit design (for surface heating calculation)
  • Material list

The new OVplan version 5.1.0 can be found here.

If OV plan is already installed, an update message will appear.

OVplan at a glance: 
  • Easy calculation of hydronic systems
  • User-friendly thanks to simple input options
  • Enables fast editing / calculation of projects
  • Clear material lists
  • Regular updates
  • Online-Seminar support
published at: 24.06.2020

OVplan 5.1.0 – System calculation made easy