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Smart room climate with Oventrop and wibutler

Come home, put your feet up, switch off – and your home will take care of many things itself. With a smart home, you will enjoy more comfort, save energy and increase security.
It only becomes really comfortable when all products from different manufacturers can be easily connected and controlled using just one app. This is exactly what the wibutler alliance makes possible.

Oventrop is part of this strong alliance. With our smart home solutions, you can easily control your room temperature using the wibutler app. You also save energy and costs with our modular hydronic solutions.

Oventrop smart home solutions matching your wishes
We offer you our room climate solutions modular or as a whole system: The heart of your smart home is the intelligent wibutler pro control center. Thanks to multiple radio standards, it is exceptionally compatible. Our room climate solutions such as for example the mote 420 wireless actuator for radio-controlled heat output of radiators, the R-Tronic RT B wireless thermostat for individual room temperature control as well as the R-Con wireless receiver for several independent heating zones of a surface heating system can also be individually integrated into a smart home system via wibutler pro.
In addition, we also offer the individual components as radiator basic set or surface heating basic set.

Make your smart home really efficient
Your heating system only works really efficient when the so-called hydronic balancing is carried out. This can be done if Oventrop Q-Tech thermostatic valves are used. Together with our actuator mote 420, the Q-Tech valves control and limit the volume flow within the set range automatically. The required OVbalance Home software is already integrated in the wibutler gateway and helps you to carry out the hydronic balancing.

Your advantages with Oventrop and the wibutler alliance:

  • Open system solution with more than 150 compatible and smart products
  • Convenient control of all smart home solutions via a single app
  • Maximum comfort with Alexa voice control
  • Simple and quick installation and commissioning
  • High security through modern encryption technology and regular security updates
  • Maximum energy efficiency with the integrated Oventrop hydronic and room temperature solutions

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www.oventrop.com or www.wibutler.com

published at: 24.06.2020

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