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With seero to the energy-saving hero: Joint venture of mantro, Oventrop and LEG Immobilien SE

  • Green: System “seero.Pro” enables automatic hydronic balancing and around 30 % energy savings
  • Digital: System combines unique thermostat with IoT technology and modern central cloud platform
  • Legally compliant: Practical and scalable solution for implenenting regulatory requirements (EnSiMiMaV - Ordinance on the security of energy supply on measures effective in the medium term)
  • Economic: Maximum CO2 reduction per Euro
  • Customer-oriented: Designed for use in multiple dwellings – installation pays off for landlords and tenants

The business developer mantro, the Sauerland-based family business Oventrop and the Düsseldorf-based LEG Immobilien SE have founded the joint venture seero, which develops green solutions around heating and sustainability for residential properties.

The first solution which was announced by the cross-industry trio at the ISH from 13 to 17 March is the new digital system seero.Pro. Seero.Pro automatically carries out the hydronic balancing of the heating system for each individual radiator. Furthermore, additional heating costs are saved on the basis of the intelligent, smart heating through demand-led temperature control. The total energy saving is around 30 percent. Unlike the manual method, no design has to be made in advance and no presettings have to be made on the radiator valve. Once installed on the radiator, the digital thermostats control the hydronic balancing automatically and reliably. The system is also more scalable than other available solutions and overall perfectly suited for use in multiple dwellings. The COavoidance costs are lower than with any other technological solution. For this reason, but also with a view to the practical and legally secure implementation of the obligation for property owners to carry out hydronic balancing on the legal basis of §3 EnSimiMaV (ordinance on the security of energy supply on measures effective in the medium term), which has been in force since October 2022, the joint venture expects high demand for seero.Pro.

“The challenges facing the real estate sector in the area of sustainability are immense and, in our view, can only be successfully overcome by pooling expertise”, says Dr. Volker Wiegel, COO of the LEG Immobilien SE.

“Our new system combines a unique thermostat with the benefits of modern Internet of Things (IoT) technology – a central cloud platform offered as a service to property managers. With seero.Pro we are creating the most affordable, quickest to deploy and most scalable solution for hydronic balancing in the real estate sector. “This way, we ensure optimum heat distribution and significant CO2 savings”, adds Johannes Rump, CEO of Oventrop.

“A solution like seero.Pro is not available on the market in anything remotely comparable, neither in terms of hardware nor in terms of its software. It is designed for professionnal use in multiple dwellings and can be used globally in all water-controlled systems - the investment in this technology pays off immediately from the moment of installation: for landlords and tenants”, says Manfred Tropper, CEO of mantro.

In addition to the use in LEG's own portfolio, there are already may expressions of interest from Germany and other European countries -  the first pilots in Germany and abroad are currently being planned.

“The companies involved have succeeded in pooling their know-how to develop an efficient and future-oriented solution. This shows how the inventive spirit and innovative strength in North Rhine-Westphalia can help to reduce our CO2 emissions effectively and in the short term”, said Mona Neubaur, Minister for Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy and Deputy Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, referring to the two North Rhine-Westphalian companies in the joint venture - Oventrop and LEG.

About Oventrop
Oventrop is the partner for efficient heating, cooling and clean potable water. The modular systems and services offer pioneering solutions which all HVAC experts use to work with - easily and flexibly - from planning to installation, from industry to trade. As a family business, Oventrop accompanies all its partners over many years - competently and personally.

About LEG
LEG SE is a leading listed housing company in Germany with around 167,000 rental dwellings and around 500,000 residents. The company maintains eight branch offices and is also represented at selected locations with personal contact persons on site. LEG SE generated revenues of around €1.15 billion from its core rental and leasing business in the 2022 financial year, with an average rent of €6.32 per square meter. With a share of around one-fifth social housing and its ongoing commitment to efficient climate protection, including through serial refurbishment with the RENOWATE subsidiary founded at the beginning of 2022, LEG underlines its sustainable commitment in various areas.

About mantro
mantro is Germany's most experienced company builder and an ecosystem for impactful innovation. What once started as a digitalisation company now pursues a common goal with three business units: “Supercharging inventiveness”. At the forefront of the three companies is a strong culture of creation to reinvigorate the inventive spirit of companies, industries and markets. In doing so, all three divisions draw on the experience of more than 18 years digitalisation, company building and 28 foundes ventures.

published at: 04.04.2023