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Djamaa El Djazair (Grand Mosque of Algiers)
Algiers, Algeria

© Foto: Ath Salem
Type Public building
Project New building
Execution 2012-2019
Area 374.000 m²
Architect Jürgen Engel Architekten
Designer China State construction engineering Corp Ltd in Algeria(cscec)
/ Investor
ANARGEMA (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development)

Algeria’s largest Mosque is currently under construction in the centre of the capital Algiers. Besides the two Islamic places of pilgrimage Makkah and Medina, Djamaa El Djazair will be the third largest mosque in the world. The opening is planned for 2019. The prayer hall with a floor area of 145 x 145 m and a height of 22 m can host up to 35,000 people and is the highlight of the project. The minaret with a height of 265 m will be the tallest in the world. An ideal indoor climate is provided by combined heat and power plants, boilers, absorption refrigeration machines, compression refrigeration machines and cooling towers. Oventrop products were installed for an optimum output distribution.

Cofloor” surface heating and cooling systems for ideal climate conditions

With regard to the size of the building, the specifying engineers opted for surface heating and cooling systems. About 61,400 m of the PE-Xc plastic pipe “Copex” were delivered to the building site. The pipe sized 16 x 2 mm which provides an ideal indoor climate was laid on “Cofloor” base mats with a thermal and sound insulation made of expanded polystyrene. This way, an optimum and efficient operation is guaranteed in the long term.

The Oventrop series “Hydrocontrol”, “Hycocon” and “Hydromat” ensure efficiency

Different valves and regulators of the above series, amongst others, the “Hydrocontrol” series “VTR” and “VFC” sized DN 32 to DN 250, were installed to ensure an optimum hydronic balance of the complete installation. The calculated volume flow or pressure loss can be set precisely for each individual riser in the building. The double regulating and commissioning valves “Hycocon VTZ” and the differential pressure regulators “Hydromat DTR” and “Hydromat DFC” helped to guarantee the hydronic balance. The installation of about 3.700 “Hycocon” valves alone reflects the dimension of the building.

Aquastrom: Hygienically safe potable water

Cleanliness is of major importance in a mosque. Ablutions are the order of the day and hygienically safe potable water is all the more important: Circulation pipes with thermostatic regulating valves “Aquastrom T plus” were installed to avoid stagnation of water in the long pipes and to prevent the development of legionella. To ensure proper functioning, the installation was completed by non-return check valves “Aquastrom R”. A total of about 4,000 products from the Oventrop “Aquastrom” portfolio were installed – amongst others, flush-mounted and water sampling valves.