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Copper mine Rudna
Rudna, Poland

Copper mine of Rudna
Type Industrial warehouse
Project New building
Execution 13.11.2018
/ Investor
KGHM Polska Miedź

Copper mine of Rudna

Good climate in Poland’s largest copper mine

Founded on 1st May, 1961 as combine Gorniczo-Hutniczy-Polska Miedz, the KGHM S.A. is today one of the leading international limited companies in the field of mining and processing of precious metals. Their copper mine in the Polish city of Rudna which was opened in 1974, is the largest and most profitable mine in the Polish copper belt. In 2014, the M+W Group Polska Warszawa developed the mine with 4,580 employees into one of the most modern of its kind – KGHM invested 140 million Euro and increased the ore extraction capacity to about 12 million tons.

The lion’s share of the investment was allocated to an extraordinary powerful cooling and ventilation system for the mineshafts lying up to 1,250 m below sea level. M + W opted for CHP and since then, the electricity required for the operating of the cooling system is generated from natural gas. The cooling system impresses with its dimensions: A complex pipework with extraordinarily large dimensions between 200 and 400 mm cools and ventilates the workplace of the miners lying 1,250 m deeper. The capacity of the cooling system amounts to a staggering 16 MW.

With the double regulating and commissioning valves Hydrocontrol VFC/VTR, M + W relied on perfect Oventrop system solutions for hydronic balancing between the various circuits of the system. Installed in either the supply or return pipe, the valves keep the calculated volume flow at a constant level deep below the surface