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Wynn Palace
Macau, China

Type Hotel
Project New building
Execution 2012-2016
Area 39.000 m²
Designer Majestic Engineering Co. Ltd, Chevalier EdM Contracting Ltd.
/ Investor
Wynn Resorts

Pure luxury in Las Vegas of the East

Until 1999, Macau was a Portuguese colony. Then the 30 square kilometre peninsula not far from Hong Kong became a special administrative region of China and the Far Eastern equivalent of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Its “Cotai Strip”, a newly acquired 5.2 square kilometre piece of land, houses numerous hotel-casinos in the ultra-luxury segment, such as the Wynn Palace Hotel built by the US-American casino billionaire Steve Wynn.

Although the Wynn Palace is not the biggest hotel in Macau, it is the most expensive private property with an investment volume of 4.1 billion US dollars. The 39.000 square metre casino area is surrounded by 9.800 square metre luxury stores. 1.706 rooms and suites with sizes of 68 up to 105 square metres present an opulent, floral, “chinoiserie” design. Conference rooms and a ball room with a capacity of 1.200 persons offer space and stage for international events and meetings. East and West encounter each other culinarily in 11 restaurants, various patisseries and bars. The largest Macanese spa provides pure relaxation and a cableway circles the “performance” lake in front of the complex where a show with fire, fountains, colours and music takes places half-hourly.

Thousands of business travellers and tourists a day visit the Wynn Palace. They enter a climatic refuge, even in the humid summer months with temperatures of 30 °C and an unpleasant monsoon, ensured by an elaborate system of heating and cooling installations where Oventrop valves and systems take over the hydronic balancing.

Hydronic balancing XXL

More than 2.000 Oventrop “Cocon QTZ” pressure independent control valves keep the volume flow required for the room temperature control at the respective consuming point constant – independent of the load-influenced differential pressure fluctuations in the installation hydronics.

Additionally, 500 Oventrop “Hydrocontrol VTR” double regulating and commissioning valves are installed in various building sections. They ensure the balance in the risers among each other.

The regulation of the complex valve system was carried out by means of the Oventrop measuring system “OV-DMC 2”. Its advantage: The characteristic lines of all Oventrop regulating valves are stored in this device. Thus, e. g. after having entered the valve size and the presetting, the flow is indicated. If no preset value is calculated, the “OV-DMC 2” can calculate this value. Collected data are stored in the device. Quality made in Germany.