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Detached house Brilon
Brilon, Germany

Detached house Brilon
Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 2014-2015
Area 160 m²
/ Investor
Familie Meier

Detached house in densely wooded surroundings

In the midst of the Sauerland lies the small town Brilon. Apart from a forested landscape, this small town is characterised by meadows and fields. It is therefore not surprising that the residents always keep an eye on the efficiency and thus on the environmental concerns when building their houses. Such as the family Meier which uses the latest heating technology in its new building.

The two-storied house built in 2015 offers a living space of 160 m². The building with its modern architecture and the 780 square metre plot of land fits perfectly into the landscape. The couple chose a solid construction with vertically perforated bricks which complies with the KfW (Credit Institut for Reconstruction) standard 55 according to the Energy Saving Directive 2014. Already at the beginning of the project, they decided that the heating system shall be of an exceptional and sustainable quality. To achieve this objective, the builder focussed on products made by Oventrop.

Surface heating and cooling system as their first choice

Throughout the year, there should be no lack of comfortable and pleasant temperatures inside the house. This suggested the choice of a surface heating and cooling system instead of a radiator variant. In combination with the reversible air/water heat pump, pleasant room temperatures may thus also be ensured in midsummer. First of all, an insulation with a thickness of 70mm was installed on the unfinished floor on site for this reason. Then the “Cofloor” system insulation as tacker variant was installed. It is equipped with a laminated tissue foil on which a grid (grid distance of 5 cm) is printed for better orientation. The composition pipe “Copipe HS” was used as heating pipe. The composition pipe consists of three layers – PE-X, aluminium, PE-X. Therefore, the system is suitable for all ranges of application and offers numerous advantages: It is diffusion tight, corrosion resistant and very convenient through its dimensional stability and installed together with the tacker system.

For supply of the heating circuit, the product assembly “Regumat M3” was installed as connecting link between buffer storage cylinder and heat transfer. It consists of an isolation device with two ball valves, two thermometers, a three-way mixing valve with actuator as well as a high-efficiency pump. This prevents temperature changes at alternating volume flows. To ensure that the heat pump has a longer operating time, the plumbers also installed a buffer storage cylinder “Hydrocor HP”, type 1000. The hot water storage cylinder made of steel is suitable for the connection of various heat generators. Thus, the solar system consisting of 5 flat-plate collectors “OKF-MQ25” (horizontal position) could be directly integrated into the heating system via the product assembly “Regusol X-Duo” with heat exchanger. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent the system being extended by, for example, a chimney with water chamber.

Hot water in continuous flow

A storage cylinder for hot water supply was no option for the young couple for hygienic reasons. Therefore, they decided to install a “Regumaq” fresh water station. This station ensures a perfectly hygienic hot potable water preparation according to the continuous flow principle. This counters the development of legionella. The product assembly “Regumaq XZ-30” is equipped with a circulation pump and provides hot hygienic water at the draw off points.