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München Airport Center (MAC)
München, Germany

Type Airport
Project New building
Execution 14.09.1999
Project amount 220.000.000 €
Area 50.000 m²
Architect Murphy/Jahn Architects

“Munich Airport Centre”

The heart of Munich Airport

With 42.3 million passengers in 2016, the airport of the Bavarian State Capital Munich named “Franz Josef Strauß” is one of the largest aviation hubs in Europe. When comparing the passenger volume of German airports, Munich ranks second.

The Munich Airport Centre, a multifunctional service centre, is the heart of the Munich Airport.
Thousands of people visit the MAC forum every day. Apart from shops and restaurants, the MAC also accommodates a medical centre, offices and the “municon” congress centre. The adjoining “Airbräu” inn with an attractive beer garden and its own brewery is very popular with national and international guests alike.

The architect Helmut Jahn who also designed the Hilton Hotel in the immediate vicinity designed the impressive Munich Airport Centre Forum. With a total area of about 10,000 square metres, the MAC forum is the largest covered open space in Europe. Numerous events take place here, from polo tournaments, to the presentation of new car models, to public viewing during soccer World Cups. The annual Christmas and winter market with numerous market stands and an ice rink for skating enjoys great popularity, too.

The complex has a gross surface area of 50,000 square metres. Almost half of it, i.e. 21,000 square metres, is developed with offices.
The roof surface area, which is 42 metres above the ground, amounts to 18,800 square metres with a span of 90 metres. The two L-shaped buildings surround the forum with the impressive dimensions of 120 by 76 metres.

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The Oventrop thermostats “Uni LH” and the thermostatic valves “AF” substantially contribute to a comfortable room temperature in the offices and conference rooms of the MAC. Especially the thermostatic valves “AF” with its fine presetting allows setting of the smallest flow through the radiator. This way, hydronic balancing can be carried out easily even with small flow rates.

Especially in offices and conference rooms with changing users it is very important to install thermostats and valves, which are highly efficient and accurate and allow for an easy operation and maintenance. Oventrop thermostatic radiator valves in combination with Oventrop thermostats are proportional regulators working without auxiliary energy. They regulate the room temperature by varying the volume flow of the heating water.

Here are some advantages of the thermostat “Uni LH” and the thermostatic valve “AF”:

Thermostat “Uni LH”:
- Limitation and locking of individual nominal values
- Marking of a setting with the help of the memo disk
- Setting device for visually handicapped people
- Integrated frost protection
- Cover for concealing the collar nut available as accessory
- Fitting to Oventrop thermostatic valves without adapter
- Simple installation

Thermostatic valves “AF
- Valve with fine presetting for hydronic balancing
- Infinitely adjustable fine presetting
- Concealed presetting
- Silent in operation even with high differential pressures
- Different models available

However, not only the technical requirements were the decisive for receiving the order. Flexibility was also demanded during production as the colours of the valve bodies had to be adapted to the radiators and interior design. Oventrop succeeded in colour matching the thermostats to the “MAC”.

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