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Station "Regusol LH-180" DN 25
With Grundfos UPM3 W3 Solar 25-75 PWM, 2-15 l/min, DN 25

Station "Regusol LH-180" with Grundfos UPM 3 Solar 25-75 PWM, 2-15 l/min, DN 25 with deaerator and safety group

Complete, pre-assembled and leak tested unit for the solar circuit.

With G 1 male threaded connection for "Regusol" compression fittings to the solar supply and return pipe. With the option to connect an expansion tank to the safety group.

Consisting of: -High-efficiency pump -Ball valve with integrated check valve, thermometer and connection for safety group -Ball valve with integrated check valve and thermometer -Flow measuring and regulating device with isolation and lateral fill and drain ball valve -Safety valve 6 bar -Outlet G ¾ male thread to expansion tank -Pressure gauge 10 bar -Fill and drain ball valve -Wall mounting device -Insulation -Deaerator

Control range of the flow measuring and regulating device: 2-15 l/min.

Distance between pipe centres: 100 mm Pump 180 mm long. Continuous operating temperature: 120 °C Short-term max. starting temperature: 160 °C Max. excess operating pressure (safety valve): 6 bar Opening pressure of the check valves: 20 mbar

Size: DN 25
Model: Two pipe
Item no.: 1360853
EAN: 4026755422917
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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