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Hygienic potable water?
Reliable control.

Our Regumaq X fresh water stations heat potable water exactly when it is needed. This continuous flow principle is particularly hygienic - because when hot potable water is stored, large quantities of germs can develop, such as the dangerous legionella bacteria.
Regumaq fresh water stations are available in three variants with different performance levels. This means you have the right solution for every situation, from detached houses to multiple dwellings or non-residential buildings. If you want to plan potable water distribution and hygiene holistically, then our modular Aquanova system is the right solution - the Regumaq fresh water stations function reliably as part of the system
You can adjust the discharge capacities and the required excess temperatures individually to the system parameters. This makes the Regumaq fresh water stations the pioneering solution for low temperature systems and systems with regenerative energy concepts. The discharge capacity can be increased – for example in the case of special requirements or changes in use - by connecting stations in parallel. Discharge capacities of up to 500 litres per minute are then possible.

Regumaq X-25: For detached houses

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Compact and powerful
  • System parameters adjustable via DIP switches
  • Suitable for low temperature systems
  • Fast control technology through turbine sensor technology and LIN pump technology
  • Simple one-man installation
Regumaq X-25 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X-45: For multiple dwellings

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Powerful and versatile in use
  • Intuitive glass touch control panel with user or expert mode for qualified tradespeople
  • Numerous additional functions such as return water stratification or reheating
  • Suitable for low temperature systems
  • Precise control technology through turbine sensor technology and LIN pump technology (parallel connection possible)
Regumaq X-45 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X-80: For multiple dwellings and non-residential buildings

Copper-brazed | Sealix® protective layer

  • Particularly powerful
  • System parameters adjustable via electronic controller Regtronic RQ
  • Connection to the Datalog CS-BS possible: network, visualise and access remotely
  • Web interface for setting and reading out the controller or forwarding the controller data to the building management system (BMS)
Regumaq X-80 Frischwasserstation

Regumaq X stations
as part of the Aquanova System

Growing demands? Modular control.
Aquanova-System von Oventrop

At Oventrop, we recognised early on that potable water hygiene is a topic that is as complex as it is sensitive. Therefore, we have continuously developed modular products over the last few years, with which you can reliably fulfil the increased demands on potable water hygiene.

With our Aquanova system, we provide you with a pioneering solution with which you can solve potable water hygiene in a holistic, flexible and reliable manner.

Regtronic KM-TCP

Hot potable water in building automation systems?
Smart control.

With the Regtronic KM-TCP you can network our fresh water stations with the building automation system – and thus ensure hygiene and operational safety. For example, the Regtronic KM-TCP controls thermal disinfection, adjusts settings and issues error messages.

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