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Oventrop Projects Division successfully designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a 2000 m2 Oventrop Cofloor underfloor heating system, at the new Cardiff and Vale College.

Oventrop Projects were chosen for their proven history in delivering large scale UFH systems to the construction and building services industry and for the confidence given by having all manufacture, design, supply, installation and commissioning handled in house.

Oventrop Cofloor ‘Tacker’ System was selected for its high output and flexibility. Each of the stainless steel manifolds were coupled to a Regufloor HN pump unit with blending and high limit control.

Oventrop also supplied PICVs and differential pressure control valves along with over 300 AV6 double regulating TRVs for the remainder of the heating and Aquastrom thermal balancing valves for the hot water circulation.
published at: 29.01.2016