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Oventrop: Successful appearance at the “ISH” 2017 trade fair

Oventrop may report a successful appearance at the world's largest trade fair “Bathroom experience, building services, energy and air-conditioning technologies and renewable energies” “ISH 2017”.
Our attractive product innovations and services in the fields of
 heating, cooling and potable water for “improved energy efficiency”
allow for significant savings of energy with low investments.

The topics at our booth were, amongst others:
- Hydronic balancing
- Potable water technology “Aquanova-System”
- “Power-to-Heat”
- BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The “Q-Tech” technology for automatic hydronic balancing was presented for the optimisation of hydronic systems. 

All standard Oventrop valves are available with “Q-Tech”. 

The new system “OVbalance Home”, “the” smart way to hydronic balancing was developed from this. 
“OVbalance Home” consists of the system components 
“Q-Tech” valves, Oventrop wireless actuators and thermostats, the “Synet CR” gateway as well as the “Oventrop app” for easy commissioning and room temperature control. Installation is carried out in a few hours. Commissioning and operation are carried out via a tablet or a smartphone.

The Oventrop potable water technology “Aquanova-System”
 covers a broad range of products and services for potable water 
The system was extended by the new flushing station “Regudrain”
which avoids a stagnation of hot and cold potable water in pipe sections with insufficient flow.

“Power-to-Heat” means the generation of heat by use of electricity. Oventrop presented the new energy storage centre “Regucor WHP” 
for the solar supported supply of heat generated from the surplus
 electricity of a photovoltaic installation or other regenerative electricity 
sources to detached and semi-detached houses. 
If more photovoltaic energy is available than required for the supply of 
the household appliances, this electricity is used for heating the
energy storage centre “Regucor WHP”. 
A combination with other heat generators in existing and new buildings
is possible.

The topic BIM (Building Information Modeling) was of course of
 major importance at the Oventrop booth.
 Oventrop products and systems are sustainable and meet high
 quality standard. With their products, data and services, Oventrop
a ccompanies the “BIM” stages over the complete life of a building.
 BIM data are available in different formats, such as Revit and 

Numerous trade fair visitors were informed on BIM as well as the
 current calculation software for planning and design in the building 
technology at the Oventrop IT booth.
The Oventrop ISH offer was completed by further systems as well as
 new and modified products and controllers, for instance in the field of
 oil and gas installations.

published at: 06.04.2017

"OVbalnace Home" Automatic balancing – Smart control "OVbalnace Home" Automatic balancing – Smart control