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Cofloor Drywall system

The Cofloor drywall system consists of drywall elements and matching heat/cooling conducting lamellas. The drywall basic element consists of 25 mm thick foamed PS (polystyrene). It is a thermal insulation and at the same time a support element for the individual heat/cooling conducting lamellas and bends. The special arrangement of the grooves in the basic elements allows both a meandering and a bifilar (spiral) installation of the Oventrop Copipe HSC multi-layer composite pipe 14 x 2 mm.

We recommend the installation of the Copipe HSC multi-layer composite pipe due to its lower expansion coefficient during heating operation compared to the Copex PE-Xc and Copert PE-RT plastic pipes. The heat/cooling conducting lamellas are made of 0.4 mm thick and the heat/cooling conducting bends of 0.5 mm thick galvanised sheet steel and enable optimum heat/cooling transport into the drywall elements or into the cement or liquid screed. The practicable predetermined breaking points on the heat/cooling conducting lamellas (sheet length 998 mm) enable optimal laying of the pipes in the rooms.

The installation of the Cofloor drywall system is without waste, the execution of the complete installation is possible by only one person. Especially suitable for standard-compliant cement or liquid screed, but also for dry screed elements (e.g. Fermacell panels).