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Tube collector "OKP-20"

Tube collector "OKP 20"

Consisting of:

-20 vaccum tubes -Collector -Tube bracket (foot rail) -Set of side rails (pre-assembled set of side rails for an easy and quick installation) -Solar supply and return with compression connection 4 x 22 mm

Heat pipe tube collector, with an inclination of the axis between 15 ° and 75 °.

Dimensions: Gross surface area: 3.25 m² (L = 1.995 m, W = 1.632 m) Aperture surface area: 1.88 m² Absorber surface area: 1.62 m² Weight: 84 kg
No longer produced
Art.No.: 1361231
EAN: 4026755346848
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
600 mm 375 mm 2000 mm 92 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
One-way pallet 1 900 mm 740 mm 2070 mm 103 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC010350
Solar collector
Property Value
Collector efficiency 55 %
1st order heat loss coefficient (a1) 2.18 W/(m².K)
2nd order heat loss coefficient (a2) 0.008 W/(m².K²)
Incidence angle modifier (IAM) 0.92
Outer pipe diameter, all connections 22 mm
Collector surface area 1.86 m²
Yield according to DST test 0.641 GJ/year
Position of collector at façade
Position of collector in pitched roof
Position of collector on pitched roof
Position of collector on flat roof
Collector set-up, portrait
Length of collector 1995 mm
Width, collector 1632 mm
Connections Compression ring
Max. allowable operating pressure 10 bar
Collector principle Vacuum tube
Suitable for closed system
Suitable for swimming pool water heating
Thermal tape