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Tank cap with bayonet catch
DN 50 - 2, tank side G 2 IT, filling spout DN 50, VK 50 (brass) + MB 50 (brass), green cap

Fittings for safe filling and venting, as well as for level detection.
Tank caps ensure a secure closure and connection of the filling hose to the filling pipe of the tank. Tank caps with bayonet according to EN 14420 part 6 (or part 8 for France) are recommended for a direct connection of the filling hose of the tank vehicle. Tank caps with screw connection provide a secure hold for adapter pieces.

Metal vent caps are particularly durable.

Fuel gauge locks as well as mechanical and pneumatic tank level indicators are available for determining the fill level.
No longer produced
Art.No.: 2010882
EAN: 4026755289022
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.


Dimensions of article

Length Width Height Weight
105 mm 81 mm 51 mm 0,77 kg

Packing units

Type Qty. Length Width Height Weight
Bag 1 110 mm 85 mm 55 mm 0,77 kg
Carton 10 240 mm 200 mm 170 mm 7,97 kg


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ETIM 7.0 EC003023
Fitting with 1 connection
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