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HydroControl VTR Double regulating valve with internal thread PN 25
DN 10, Rp ⅜, with blind plugs

HydroControl VTR bronze double regulating valve PN 25

Y-pattern valve with secured, at any time controllable, infinitely adjustable fine presetting. Readability of the presetting independent of the handwheel position. All functions accessible from the top. Installation in the supply and the return pipe.

Valve body and bonnet made of bronze, spindle and valve plug made of brass resistant to dezincification (DZR), plug with PTFE seal, maintenance-free spindle sealing by double O-ring.

Measuring valve and fill and drain ball valve can be connected and interchanged. Threaded ports for accessories closed with blind plugs.

Both sides internal thread according to EN 10226.

Material: Bronze
Surface: Untreated
kvmax-Value: 2,88
Size: DN 10
Connection: Internal thread
Item no.: 1060103
EAN: 4026755124934
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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