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ClimaCon F 90 Room thermostat for two pipe applications, heating only/cooling only, follower
230 V AC

The ClimaCon F room thermostats are used to control the temperature of surface heating and cooling systems as well as heating and cooling ceilings in detached houses or dwellings. The room temperature is controlled via a valve, which is controlled by the room thermostat via an electrothermal actuator. When the room temperature reaches the setpoint temperature, the valve is closed. 
The ClimaCon F room thermostats can be used in combination with electrothermal actuators (e.g. Aktor
T 2P). Alternatively, connection to a connecting block (e.g. FloorCon) is possible. 

The ClimaCon F 90 room thermostat is operated by means of a rotary wheel. The setpoint can be adjusted and the frost protection mode can be activated. The ClimaCon F 90 room thermostat can be connected as a
follower room thermostat. If the setback mode is activated on a leader room thermostat (e.g. ClimaCon F 210/ F 310), the ClimaCon F 90 lowers the temperature by 4 Kelvin. 

When the room thermostat is used in a heating application, an electrothermal actuator “normally closed” is used. If the room thermostat is used in a cooling application, an electrothermal actuator “normally open” is used.

Item no.: 1155009
EAN: 4026755484274
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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