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Regtronic RM-B Multifunction controller
Multifunction controller for the control of weather-compensated mixed/unmixed heating and cooling circuits as well as solar plants

"Regtronic RM-B" System controller

12 inputs PT 1000, PT 500 or KTY 3 pulse inputs 2 analogue inputs Grundfos Direct SensorsTM 2 digital inputs Grundgos Direct SensorsTM 14 outputs 4 PWM outputs (convertible to 0-10 V) Data output S-bus With 2 collector sensors and 6 storage cylinder sensors The outdoor sensor is not included

The system controller "Regtronic RM-B" for wall attachment has 14 relay outputs (13 speed controlled solid-state relays and 1 volt free relay) and 4 PWM outputs for the speed control of high-efficiency pumps which are convertible to the output of a 0-10 V signal.

The controller "Regtronic RM-B" controls solar plants with East-West roof orientation and several storage cylinders as well as weather guided variable / constant temperature circuits.

Pre-loaded function blocks simplify the system parameterization and thus facilitate an integration of various heat generators (e.g. oil, gas or solid fuel boilers).

Different optional functions such as storage cylinder loading section by section, heat exchange, heat demand, boiler loading, solid fuel boiler, mixing valve control, measurement of heat consumption, tube collector function, drainback option, thermostat function, ΔT- regulation, thermal disinfection, circulation and further functions may be activated via the intuitive user command.

Interfaces: S-bus for the connection to the data logger "DynaTemp CS-BS". SD-card slot for data recording and transmission of set values as well as updating of the firmware.

Up to 5 extension modules "Regtronic EM-B" can be connected to the "Regtronic RM-B". Thus, there is a total number of 39 relay outputs for individual pipework configurations.

Range: 0 °C to 40 °C°C
Item no.: 1369555
EAN: 4026755396379
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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