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Titanic Hotel
Berlin, Germany

Type Hotel
Project New building
Execution 2014-2015
/ Investor
Familie Aygün

“Berlin is always worth a trip” the saying goes. The Titanic Hotel at the Gendarmenmarkt is the right address for anybody who is not only looking for an accommodation but also wants to experience an impressive building in the middle of the metropolis. The hotel offers its guests an inspiring combination of classic elements and playful modern decoration. A total of 208 rooms and suites as well as a luxurious 1,000 m² sports and spa area provide security and relaxation.

Most of the hotel building was newly constructed from 2014 until March 2015. Until then, it was used as scenery depot of the State opera. For reasons of heritage protection, the architecture of the historic building from the 19th century had to be preserved. In the course of the new construction behind the façade, a completely new building technology was integrated into the large object.

Cofloor surface heating systems for a comfortable climate

The hotel is heated with the help of a wall and floor heating system. About 1,600 m² of Cofloor dry-build elements made of expanded polystyrene were installed at the walls. Base mat rolls with a thickness of 35-3 mm were laid on the floor. A constant heat transmission is guaranteed by the 18,000 metres of 16 x 2 mm PE-Xc plastic pipe Copex which were laid on the area covering about 3,000 m². 14 heating circuits which are supplied via a distributors/collectors were installed in the luxury resort. Hydronic balancing is carried out by the pressure independent control valves “Cocon QTZ”.
Constant flow temperatures in all heating circuits are guaranteed by the boiler connection systems “Regumat F-180”. An electric sensor attached to the pipe serves as safety device for the laid surface heating systems. The circulation pump is switched off automatically if the set temperature is exceeded and is switched on again once the set temperature is reached again.

Aquastrom valves for potable water comfort

A potable water installation with circulation pipes ensures a constant and short-term supply of pleasantly warm water to all consuming points. The circulation pipes serve to avoid stagnation and the supply of potable water at the prescribed minimum temperature according to the mandatory legal hygiene regulations.

The temperatures in the system are kept at a constant level and the circulation pipes in the hotel are hydronically balanced with the help of the thermostatic valves “Aquastrom VT”.