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Papenburg, Netherlands

Foto: © Meyer Werft, Papenburg
Type Ship
Project New building
Execution 2017-2018
Architect MeyerWerft, Papenburg
/ Investor
Carnival Corporation & plc

AIDAnova – World premiere with liquid gas

Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest cruise company, heralds a new, sustainable cruise era with their latest “kiss mouth” ship, the Aidanova, which is powered with liquid gas (LNG). The emission of fine dust and sulphur dioxides is avoided almost completely, the emission of nitrogen oxides is reduced by 80 % and the CO2 emission by 20 %.

3 tanks with a length up to 35 m, a diameter of up to 8 m and a total capacity of about 3,500 m³ of LNG enable the floating city constructed by the Meyer Werft in Papenburg to sail the seven seas for up to two weeks with one tank filling.

21 cabin types with a surface between 13 m² and 73 m², 17 restaurants, 17 bars, a 3,500 m² wellness area, an outdoor gym and further entertainment options from a climbing garden to a theatre offer the guests a unique holiday experience.

Optimisation of the cooling system and cabin climate with innovative special valves for shipbuilding

The innovative technology “behind the scenes” is also remarkable. The electric energy for the complete ship is also generated from environmentally friendly liquid gas via four motors. The Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves “Hydrocontrol VTR” and “Hydrocontrol VFC” are used for the control of the fresh water cooling side and allow for the hydronic balance between the individual risers.

Oventrop bronze strainers are also used for different applications. Hydronic balancing of the main air-conditioning pipes to the cabins is carried out by static double regulating and commissioning valves of the company Oventrop. This way, the passengers and the crew enjoy a perfect cabin climate on any of the 18 decks.