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Estate of terraced houses "Lister Blick"
Hannover-List, Germany

Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 2017-2018
Architect „blauraum architekten“, Hamburg
Plumber Bernd Wolter, Estorf

The investor Grundlach Bau Hanover constructed an estate of terraced houses with 49 objects in Vahrenwald-List. The areal, called “Lister Blick”, is located next to the “Mittelland” Canal and does not only offer good recreation opportunities and leisure activities but also an infrastructure with numerous shopping possibilities. The new housing estate is the ideal place for a family-friendly overall concept. The individual terraced house have a living space of 125 m² spread over three floors. To offer the future residents not only comfort bus also efficiency, the investor decided to construct the buildings in accordance with the latest Energy Saving Directive and to install a modern hot potable water and heating water supply from the company Oventrop.

Local supply

The supply of energy required for heating and hot potable water preparation by a district heating network is an efficient and easy to implement possibility to handle resources sparingly. Transmission to the individual houses is carried out by the Oventrop dwelling stations “Regudis W-HTF”. The product assembly features all important connections at a central point: one supply and return pipe connection for the central heat supply, one supply and return pipe connection for the heating circuit of the building and one connection for potable water (cold, hot and circulation). The integrated spacers allow for the installation of heat and water meters. The “Regudis W-HTF” stations also feature a variable temperature heating circuit ensuring the thermostatic control of the heating circuit flow temperature between 20 °C and 50 °C. This allows for the operation of different heating systems, such as underfloor heating and radiators irrespective of the system temperature in the primary circuit. Flow temperature control for the different consumers is carried out by the dwelling station. The energy supplied by the district heating network is temporarily stored in a heating centre on the premises. Three buffer storage cylinders with a content of 1,500 litres each are located inside the heating centre. The supply of the building is guaranteed by three Oventrop pump groups “Regumat S-280” sized DN 50. The product assembly acts as a link between the heat generator (in this case the buffer storage cylinder) and the heating system. All required components are pre-assembled in the product group. These are: isolating ball valve with thermometer and venting and flushing valve for the supply pipes, isolating ball valve with integrated check valve, thermometer and venting and flushing valve for the return pipe, pump ball valve with draining and flushing pipe, return pipe and universal thermal insulation.

Optimised flow control

The double regulating and commissioning valves Hydrocontrol which allow for an optimum adaptation of the volume flow in the system are a further advantage in terms of efficiency as hydronic balancing is an important factor for the efficient operation of a system. The calculated volume flow or the pressure loss can be set centrally and precisely for each individual riser.