Logo Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG

Former post and telegraph office
Berlin, Germany

Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 2016-2018
Designer Serabag – Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung Baubetreuung und Bauausführung mbH, Berlin
/ Investor
Biotronik Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Since 2012 the old Imperial Post Office in the Oranienburger Straße in Berlin-Mitte has been owned by the medical technology manufacturer Biotronik. The building was completed in 1881. Once built as residential building for postilions, not only the building but also its use have changed over the years. Today, the company which counts among the leading suppliers of cardio logical technologies uses the building as representational area. In 1975, the building was declared a historical monument and has been an integral part of the cityscape since then. In summer 2012 the manufacturer Biotronic bought the building and lectures, training courses and exhibitions of the international group are held here. New offices for employees were also set up in the three-storey building with its two wings.

Historical object with modern technology

In the framework of the modernisation, especially from 2016 to 2018, modern products of the heating hot water technology of the company Oventrop moved into the historical building. Apart from 255 thermostats “Uni SH”, 27 thermostats “pinox” were installed for an efficient room temperature control. The “pinox” thermostat was especially designed by Oventrop for use on towel radiators and follows the design of modern single lever mixer taps. Double regulating and commissioning valves of the “Hydrocontrol” series which serve to achieve a hydronic balance between the individual risers were also installed in the building.

Furthermore, differential pressure regulators “Hydromat” which are proportional regulators working without auxiliary energy were installed. They are designed to maintain a constant differential pressure within a necessary proportional band. The infinitely adjustable nominal value allows for a transmission of the calculated values to the system without large deviations.

Hygienically safe potable water

Fresh water stations for the supply of hygienically safe potable water are particularly suitable for buildings with a fluctuating number of persons. Two “Regumaq XZ-30” stations were installed for this reason. The electronically controlled Oventrop product assembly allows for hot potable water preparation according to the continuous flow principle. The required energy is supplied by a buffer storage cylinder. Depending on the temperature and the volume flow on the potable water side, the circulation pump on the heating side is speed controlled. All components of the product group are pre-assembled. Circulation pipes were installed to avoid stagnation in the pipework and to prevent the development of legionella. Supply of the circulation pipes is also carried out by the “Regumaq XZ-30” stations. Thermostatic valves “Aquastrom VT” were installed to guarantee correct functioning of the pipes. The valves with presettable residual volume flow have the following two functions: On the one hand, the thermal control of the valves serves to maintain the temperature in the system at a constant level and on the other hand hydronic balance between the individual circulation risers is achieved with the help of the valves.

Communication with the building automation

The complete heating system can be controlled via the building automation. The control unit “DynaTemp” was installed for this purpose. Oventrop products and systems with sensors and actuators are the basic components on the room and field level. Connection to the “DynaTemp” control unit is made via bus-based modules. These automation units and their software are adapted to the control tasks of heating, sanitary and cooling systems.