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Cofit S Compression fittings

Cofit S compression fittings for G ¾ external thread are universally applicable for multi-layer composite pipes and, with the same processing method, also for plastic pipes (PE-Xc pipes and PE-RT pipes). They are soft sealing due to an O-ring and metal to metal sealing due to an additional sealing to the G ¾ internal cone. The sealing to the pipe is achieved by an outlet with additional O-ring. Clamping ring and union nut are made of brass, the union nut is nickel plated. The outlet is made of bronze.

Ofix Compression fittings

Ofix compression fittings for G 3/4 external thread and G 3/8, G 1/2 and G 3/4 internal thread are available for various types of pipes, such as copper pipes, plastic pipes, stainless steel pipes, precision steel pipes and galvanised steel pipes. Metal to metal sealing and soft sealing variants are available. No support sleeves are necessary for the soft sealing variant.

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