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Aquastrom T plus Thermal circulation valve with internal thread, without accessories
DN 25, Rp 1, without thermal insulation and thermometer

Aquastrom T plus thermal circulation valve

With adjustable temperature control range for hydronic balancing in circulation pipes according to DVGW work sheets W551/W553.

Thermal control:
Recommended control range: 55 °C to 60 °C (max. control range: 40 °C to 65 °C)

The temperature and volume flow settings can be lead sealed to prevent unintentional adjustment.

Below the set temperature, the valve opens and automatically increases the hot water volume flow. The valve has a fixed residual volume flow, automatically detects thermal disinfection and allows the max. volume flow to be limited and shut off via an integrated regulating unit with reproducible presetting. A temperature sensor can be retrofitted. The valve body is made of bronze, all wetted parts are free of brass.

Without accessories.

Factory settings:
Temperature control: 57 °C
Volume flow setting: 2.0

Both sides internal thread.

Material: Bronze
Size: DN 25
Connection: Internal thread
Item no.: 4205608
EAN: 4026755312546
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical changes.
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