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Automatic hydronic balancing – Simply explained with the Oventrop “Q-Tech” video

The new “Q-Tech“ video does not only show how to carry out hydronic balancing with Oventrop thermostatic valves within a few steps but it also explains the advantages of hydronically balanced heating systems.
According to a co2online study, about 80% of the heating systems in German households are not hydronically balanced which leads to an increased energy consumption, loss of comfort and additional costs. Hydronic balancing with “Q-Tech” products and its advantages are clearly explained in the new “Q-Tech” video which can be found on the Oventrop homepage under www.oventrop.com (Topics > Hydronic balancing > videos).

Oventrop offers an extensive range of products for the hydronic balancing of heating and cooling systems based on the “Q-Tech” technology. Even an unknown pipework can easily be hydronically balanced with the help of Oventrop thermostatic valves with “Q-Tech”.

published at: 12.04.2017

“Q-Tech” video – Automatic hydronic balancing