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Regumat F Stations for fixed value control

For the connection of a thermally controlled heating circuit. The stations are used for flow temperature control and limitation in combined radiator/surface heating systems. They include all components which are necessary for the connection of heat generators, pumps and pipework. The stations enable the heating circuit to be shut off on the supply and return sides. The check valve in the return pipe prevents incorrect circulation.

The stations consist of a shutoff device with two ball valves to shut off the heating circuit, two thermometers integrated in the handles to display the flow and return temperatures, a check valve to prevent incorrect circulation, a three-way mixing valve with temperature controller and a thermal insulation. Depending on the model, a pump ball valve is also included for easy pump replacement without draining system parts.

The Regumat stations are characterised by a time- and space-saving installation of the boilers to the pipework systems. A high degree of functional reliability is ensured by maintenance-free components and high-quality materials. The stations can be modularly extended with various accessories.