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We are the partner for
efficient heating, cooling and clean potable water.

With the modular systems, all HVAC experts can work easily and flexibly – due to the possibility of adapting the pioneering solutions to their requirements. Our close cooperation with craftsmen and our extensive experience make us the competent leader in hydronic systems.

As a family business from the Sauerland region, we accompany all our partners over years - reliably and personally – from planning to installation, over commissioning to maintenance. With our digital services we create an added value throughout the entire process.

Our employees produce long-lasting, high quality products which can be globally connected to flexible systems – easy to install, energy-efficient and always reliable.

Wir regeln das. Seit 1851.


What sets us apart:

• The largest modular combinable product portfolio on the market: With diverse product components in the areas of indoor climate, hydraulics, potable water, stations and smart home, we always find a suitable connection.

• Industry best in design: No other company in the  heating fittings industry has received more awards than we have.

• Pioneer: In the 1960s, our oil filters were instrumental in paving the way for oil heating. Today, our efficient dwelling stations are perfectly matched to regenerative energies.

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Our history

1851 Foundation

Arnold Oventrop (1820-1871) founds the Arnold Oventrop & Co. Messing- und Broncewarenfabrik in Altena.
Materials containing copper are the common denominator for the manufacturing programme - the factory produces brassware, such as fittings for furniture, doors and windows.

1871 Change of owners

A new generation: The sons Friedrich Wilhelm (1847-1935) and Adolf Oventrop (1851-1912) take over the company.

1886–1904 Expansion

The town of Altena is now highly industrialised. Labour becomes scarce and Oventrop relocates production to various locations in the Sauerland - amongst others to Iserlohn and Bigge.

1907 Iserlohn


Grüne (Iserlohn)

1920 Bigge


Knickhütte in Bigge (Olsberg)

1922 Generation change

The son of Friedrich Wilhelm Oventrop, Paul Oventrop (1886-1974), takes over the factory in Bigge. The other factories are closed down in the course of time.


Oventrop at the Bigge site, 1925

1952 New shareholder

The Fähnrich and Rump families become shareholders in the company.


Werner Fähnrich (1909-1993) becomes Managing Partner.

1973 Oil crisis

The first oil crisis means a deep cut after the so-called "economic miracle" years.

1975 Municipal restructuring

As part of the municipal restructuring, Bigge becomes a district of the town of Olsberg. The company headquarters thus become Olsberg.

1980 Brilon

A production plant is opened in Brilon. Thermostatic valves and other heating fittings increasingly determine the product range.


Oventrop Werk Brilon, 1981


Georg Rump (1946-2021) becomes Managing Partner.

1990 German reunification

The reunification of Germany and the opening of the borders in the East enable the company to grow strongly.


Jochen Fähnrich (born 1952) becomes Managing Partner.

2015 Brilon

Oventrop opens its largest factory building to date, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, on the factory premises in Brilon: components from the upstream production stages are finally assembled here on a floor space of more than 12,000 m².


Oventrop factory Brilon, 2016


Georg Rump is no longer Managing Director. Johannes Rump (born 1982) becomes Managing Partner.




Jochen Fähnrich is no longer Managing Partner. Gabi Wilwers becomes new Managing Partner.


As a family business with a history of over 170 years, we are rooted in the Sauerland region, but also have a strong international presence. We employ around 1,000 people at our headquarters in Olsberg and in neighbouring Brilon. In addition, there are production facilities in Poland and China. With eight subsidiaries and numerous agencies, we are present in over 80 countries worldwide.

Oventrop factory Olsberg, 2021

Oventrop factory Olsberg, 2021

Oventrop factory Brilon, 2021
Oventrop factory Brilon, 2021