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Get quicker
with our new balancing valves.

You can preset or shut off our HydroCom balancing valve more quickly - with the new handwheel in less than one turn. Especially in large projects where many valves need to be preset, this saves a lot of time: HydroCom is simply quicker and brings advantages for all HVAC professionals.

The advantages of the HydroCom

for consultants and contractors
  • Quick presetting or shutoff: in less than one turn
  • Direct Kv value setting: handwheel with kv values
  • Flow optimised Y-pattern body of compact size
für wholesalers
  • Few item numbers for less effort
  • Competitive complement for common applications
  • Modular system: compatible with HydroControl
for investors and owners
  • Reliable exact control
  • Durability through Oventrop quality
  • High economic efficiency

Quickly up to speed.
Smartly controlled hydronics.

HYDROCOM balancing valves
  • For hydronic balancing of distribution pipes in central heating and cooling systmes with closed circuits
  • Installation in the supply or the return pipe
  • Handwheel with Kv values
  • Y-pattern valve with infinitely adjustable presetting in less than one turn
  • Supplied with HydroPort valves for measuring, draining and filling
Hydrocom V 330° Einstellung


REGULation and shutoff
Hydrocom Anwendung Grafik
Measurement with OV-DMC 3
Hydrocom Anwendung Grafik

Versions and accessories

Our hydraulic solutions.
Building services under control with our system.

A heating system with Oventrop thermostatic valves and regulating and pipeline valves as well as hydronic balancing can save up to 15 % energy. Our pioneering modular solutions make it easy.

Quick sizing and calculation with HydroSet

HydroSet is the digital slide rule for convenient Kv value calculation. The Kv value is also the HydroCom set value, regardless of which presetting has been selected.
Hydroset App

Your expertise -
our mission.

Expand your expertise in our OV Academy. Compact and efficient, in our virtual classroom or at on-site events. You want to learn more about hydronic balancing? Our courses will help you to work even more efficiently with our modular products and systems.

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