Individual room temperature control "Unibox E BV"  NO LONGER PRODUCED
without cover plate and thermostat

OVENTROP-"Unibox E BV" Individual room temperature control (exclusive) without cover and thermostat

Combination room temperature control and presettable bypass

Application: For installations with flow temperatures suitable for surface heating systems according to DIN EN 1264. Installation set for use in the fixing channel with heating circuit isolation (item no. 1022654).

Installation set consisting of: Wall box unit without cover, with
thermostatic valve with integrated bypass stem and regulating insert, working without auxiliary energy. Venting and flushing valve and valve
insulation. Valve connection G ¾ for Oventrop compression fittings.

For the division of the flow rate into a permanent partial flow adjustable via the bypass and a thermostatically controlled partial flow. Setting of a minimum flow rate via the bypass guaranteeing a basic heat load of the surface heating (no cooling down).

Item no.: 1022676
EAN: 4026755401516
Manufacturer: Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG
Subject to technical modifications without notice.
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190 mm 140 mm 86 mm 0,68 kg
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Carton 1 212 mm 162 mm 170 mm 0,88 kg
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ETIM 7.0 EC010090
Wall build-in control set for floor heating
Property Value
Built-in depth 57 mm
Built-in height 190 mm
Built-in width 135 mm
With de-aeration
Size of pipe connection 3/4 inch
Size of thermostatic adjustment element M30 x 1.5
Room temperature control
Water temperature control
Can be preset
With control element