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Uferkrone residential quarter
Berlin, Germany

© Foto: Felix Löchner
Type Residential building
Project New building
Execution 2016-2017
Designer Deerns GmbH, Berlin
Plumber Schwenk und Dietrich, Berlin
/ Investor
BUWOG Bauträger GmbH, Berlin

Future living. Realised in the Uferkrone quarter

The Uferkrone quarter is located directly on the river Spree, only 6 minutes by suburban railway from Köpenick's old town and 60 minutes from the heart of the Berlin metropolis. The Uferkrone convinces with its location and combines the calming view of the water and the greenery with short distances to shopping, school, going out, the doctor, culture and the workplace.

Family-friendly multiple dwellings, some with house-in-house concepts, can be found in the sunny area as well as elegant city villas with flats and penthouses. All 144 residential units have in common: well thought-out floor plans, light-flooded rooms, spatious terraces or balconies and direct access to the lift up to the underground car park. Quality of live with KfW 70 standard - to arrive and stay.

Dwelling stations supply individual umits with heat and hot potable water

An important part of the sustainability concept: sophisticated products and systems from Oventrop. For example 8 Regumat DN 40 or DN 50 stations provide the functionally reliable connection between heat generator and heating circuit. 144 Regudis W-HTF dwelling stations guarantee exemplary energy efficiency and state-of-the-art comfort for decentralised hot potable water preparation and heat distribution.

For the investor BUWOG group, which is the leading full-service provider in the field of residential real estate in Germany and Austria with 49,200 existing properties, there were also clear economic advantages in favour of using the Oventrop Regudis W-HTF dwelling stations. They are cheapter than the use of wall-mounted heaters and gas boilers in individual dwellings and they reduce the installation effort as only three supply pipes are required for all dwellings. In addition, the station, which are completely mounted on a base plate and have been tested for tightness and function, can be installed inconspicuously in any room by means of a surface-mounted bonnet or cabinet. In the area of application outside of a large-scale system according to the Potable Water Ordinance, sampling is not required.

Regudis W-HTF dwelling stations not only offer important advantages for investors, they also benefit the residents: the hot potable water temperature can be adjusted, individual night/zone setback is possible, and heat and water meters that can be integrated allow exact consumption and thus cost control. The hot potable water preparation in the dwelling via a heat exchanger according to the continuous flow principle also guarntees the shortest, most energy-efficent routes. Reliable availability even at “peak shower times” is guranteed, regardless of the size of the residential complex, which is why Oventrop dwelling stations are also recommended for hotel complexes or retirement homes, for example.