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Hospital de Tocache
Tocache, Peru

Hospital de Tocache
Type Hospital
Project New building
Execution 2018
Architect Guillermo Turza Arévalo
Plumber SAEG Engineering Group

The Peruvian town of Tocache is located about 450 km from the national capital Lima. With is 26,000 inhabitants, Tocache is also the capital of the province Tocache within the San Martin region. In 2013, a new hospital “Hospital de Tocache” was built. The 4-storey building has a floor space of 12,000 m².

In the course of renovation measures in 2018, a central requirement was to use renewable energies. It was decided to install a solar thermal system for hot potable water preparation. For this purpose, 20 highly efficient Oventrop solar collectors of the type OKF-MQ25 were installed on the available space. In addition, two Regusol transmission stations ensure computer-controlled and monitored loading of the buffer storage cylinder to ensure optimal use of the solar energy.

The installed solar system has a utilisation factor of 21% for hot potable water preparation. As a result, only 79% of the residual energy has to be provided by fossil fuels (in this case gas). This reduces operating costs and also saves around 22,000 kg of CO2 per year.