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Djamaa El Djazair (Grand Mosque of Algiers)
Algiers, Algeria

© Foto: Ath Salem
Type Public building
Project New building
Execution 2012-2019
Area 374.000 m²
Architect Jürgen Engel Architekten
Designer China State construction engineering Corp Ltd in Algeria(cscec)
/ Investor
ANARGEMA (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development)

In the middle of Algiers, the capital of Algeria, the largest mosque in the country was completed in 2019. After the two Islamic pilgrimage sites of Mekka and Medina, it is the third largest in the world. The highlight of the project is the prayer hall, which measures approximately 145 x 145 m and is 22.5 m high and can hold up to 120,000 people. The minaret, at 265 m, is the tallest in the world. A pleasant climate inside is ensured by combined heat and power units, boilers, absorption chillers, compression chillers and cooling towers. Oventrop products from Olsberg were used so that these can distribute their power optimally.

Cofloor surface heating and cooling systems for an optimal climate

The specifying engineers relied on surface heating and cooling systems for the size of the building. Around 61,400 m of PE-Xc Copex plastic pipe was supplied for the site. In the dimension 16 x 2 mm, it ensures a pleasant climate inside. They were installed on Cofloor base mats with thermal and impact sound insulation made of EPS. This ensures optimal and efficient operation for the future as well.

The Oventrop HydroControl, Hycocon and Hydromat series ensure efficiency

In order to optimally balance the entire system, various valves were used. Amongst others, the HydroControl series VTR and VFC in the nominal sizes DN 32 to DN 250. The calculated volume flow or the pressure drop could thus be centrally pre-regulated and adjusted for each individual riser. In addition, the Hycocon VTZ valves and the Hydromat DTR and DFC differential pressure regulators provide support. The Hycocon series alone has been installed around 3,700 times. Here, too, the dimension of the building in Algeria becomes apparent.

Aquastrom: Hygienically safe potable water

Especially in a mosque, cleanliness is very important. Ablutions are the order of the day. It is therefore all the more important that the potable water also maintains an appropriate standard of hygiene: To prevent stagnation in the long paths of the pipes and thus the formation of legionella, circulation pipes with Aquastrom T plus thermostatic control valves were installed. Aquastrom R backflow preventers were installed to ensure that the function in accordance with the regulations. In total, about 4,000 products from the Oventrop Aquastrom portfolio were installed - this also includes flush-mounted valves and water sampling valves.