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New World Centre Remodeling
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Type Hotel
Project New building
Execution 2013-2018
Architect Ronald Lu & Partners, Hongkong
/ Investor
New World Development Company Limited, Hongkong

Ultra luxury and stringent sustainability on Hong Kong's water front

Grace meets dynamism, business meets lifestyle, innovative spirit meets sustainability. Eight years after the demolition of the New World Centre on the waterfront of Kowloon, the New World Centre was opened there at the end of 2018 - including a shopping mall, ultra-luxury hotel and high-end design flats and offices. A project that combines architectural exellence and resource conservation to set new standards.

Besides a multitude of flagship stores of leading brands and representative offices of many global players, the Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong proves to be world class. It offers 393 exquisite rooms and suites with dream views, multifunctional meetings rooms with up to 3200 m² of space, 2 ballrooms, 8 restaurants, a SPA with outdoor pool and a remarkable view over the harbour and skyline - especially from the surrounding lawned terraces and roof gardens. The 199 flats on the top 19 floors of the 63-storey tower are similar elegant.

What all the units have in common is that behind all the perfection is sustainability in action. It ranges from the almost complete lighting via LED, to the alignment of the building structure in harmony with the prevailing winds and the use of sea water instead of potable water in the air conditioning, to the integrated rainwater collection system to supply the greened fronts, roof terraces and roofs. A showpiece of what is possible, where the investors relied on compentence and quality from Oventrop to perfect the indoor climate.

Feel-good climate in any type of room

The Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valve and differential pressure regulators ensure a perfect feel-good climate in every room - no matter whether it is a shop, restaurant, office, SPA, ballroom or room. For this purpose, more than 500 Oventrop HydroControl VFC/VFR/VTR double regulating and commissioning valves were installed in the kilometre-long pipes of the air conditioning system. They enable hydronic balancing amongst the individual risers and thus the uniform supply of all consumers in the cooling circuit, regardless of their position. The Hydrocontrol VFR valves made of bronze are also suitable for salt water up to 38 °C and service water.

In addition, 300 Oventrop Hydromat DTR differential pressure regulators are installed; they keep the differential pressure in the respective riser constant within a proportional band required for control purposes. If the differential pressure drops between supply and return, the valve plug moves in the opening direction. If the differential pressure rises, the valve plug moves in the closing direction. Excess differential pressure is reduced by the differential pressurer regulator. This ensures hydronic balancing even in so-called partial load situations. The Oventrop OV-DMC 3 differential pressure measuring computer, which facilitates the work, was also used for balancing the complex system. The OV-DMC 3 stores the characteristic lines of all Oventrop balancing valves. If the nominal valve size and presetting are entered, the OV-DMC 3 displays the flow rate. If not preset value is given, it calculates it and stores all values in the device for further documentation. Functionality meets efficiency.